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Moving services

Moving. - What's that? Is it just packing up your most important things and transporting them from point A to point B?
Well, not with us! For us, moving is more than just transporting furniture, things, etc. For each move, we prepare an action plan, a strategy for the arrangement of furniture and its protection in the right way.
We do our best every single time! So that the client knows that he has put his things into the right hands. We have various types of safety materials, stretch films, transport blankets, comprehensive insurance of transported furniture and work of our employees, tools needed to perform additional services related to the move.
We want the client to feel safe and not feel the stress accompanying the move. We do our job in such a way that we guarantee the quality and progress of a given move at the highest level. In one sentence - We carry out the clients move like we would do it for ourselves!


Types of Moving Services:

    Private moves
    Companies, offices
    Job Centers, Agentur für Arbeit etc.
    Municipal moves
    Heavy moves
    Long and short distance moves
    Old people's homes, municipalities, etc.
    Complex and economic moves
    Individual moves etc.